From the very beginning

Our children are not born evil, they are not born with so much hate inside they do not know anything different, that’s what we have always said and for the most part it’s true it is we as adults, as a society. Mould them into our social norms.

Your path however is predestined from conception, from the immediate influences of our mothers / fathers choices during pregnancy, there are recent studies that are strongly suggesting that even our grandmothers social inferences have a part to play in how we are genetically built.

When you consider we have long accepted that brown eyes or blonde hair run in the family genes so is it really such a big step to believe that if great gramma suffered extreme trauma that interfered with her genetic / brain development that this too could become a generational transference too?

But I will leave that one for now as that is a very new and complex study and one for later on in your understanding of how trauma effects us.

So I mentioned, we are not born evil, that is fact, however as we develop in the womb there are factors that could already be influencing our brain and chemical development.

Let me give you an example. When a child is developing in the womb and mum sings happily, her own stress levels are calm and she is surrounded by a safe and supportive environment then this is transferred to the developing child.

The chemical that creates our stress is called Cortisone, this is essential in our bodies to induce fear and a self protection in times of danger and stress. It can however have an adverse effect if it’s production is increased in our body for prolonged periods of time.

So in contrast to mum who is experiences stresses of the car breaking down or the normal daily stresses we encounter that have solutions and the levels soon return back to normal. A mum who is in a negative relationship, as risk of abuse of any kind, who lives in fear every hour of every day the cortisone levels are in a constant state of elevation, these chemical Imbalances are passed down through to the developing child.

Like wise if a developing child hears from the room constant shouting, angry voices and risk taking behaviours it’s own self protection kicks in and the cortisone levels rise.

When this remains constant, the child is already in a state of fight of flight even before birth. If this environment persists after birth it has very damaging results on a child brain development and health as an adult.

I am getting a little deep and complex but I would Like to stress the importance of supporting a mother in pregnancy. Recognising she is surrounded by negativity and putting plans in place may be the difference between her child being predisposed to mental health issues, behaviour issues and physical health issues as an adult.

I will leave you to ponder on what you just read, please feel free to comment or ask any questions, I do not profess to be an expert in the field but I will do my best to answer them.

Stay positive and always above all be KIND.

Author: Fatbirdonabike

Hi. I am far to close to 50, and currently 17 stone, not brave enough to put pictures up yet but hopefully I will get there. I have a spinal condition that causes chronic pain 24/7. I use pills and potions to manage that and finally after lots of trial and alterations we built a bike that allows me to ride with pain I can manage. So. Here we are. Fatbirdonabike. This is about my journey to mental health and fitness and hopefully a size 12!! 🙄

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