Lightbulb moment!

So what are Adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) ?

In the ACE’s study these were categorised to give a measurable outcome in the study. Below from a great web site Aces to High, you will find the categories and the ACE’s score test. I urge you to have a look and think about your own childhood.

I would like to pre warn you that you may have a bit of a lightbulb moment when you count up the results. I did!!

It gave me an explanation to so many things I thought were all my fault. That had bashed my self esteem and self belief for many years. It did not give me an excuse but it did give the explanation.

At my Old age 🙄. I have found my own ways to. Manage and adapt to my own insecurities and effects of ACE’s. But it’s been hard. And a long road.

So by understanding this if we can ideally stop / reduce ACE’s occurring in the first place or at minimum help a child to understand that it’s not always there fault!

I say always because as humans we like to blame everyone but ourself, ACE’s is not a get out of jail free card, but understanding it can mean from an earlier age a child can learn there own coping strategies.

Anyway have a look and take the test. Please feel free to message me if you need to talk about your results or you need support to understand the test.

Got Your ACE Score?

Author: Fatbirdonabike

Hi. I am far to close to 50, and currently 17 stone, not brave enough to put pictures up yet but hopefully I will get there. I have a spinal condition that causes chronic pain 24/7. I use pills and potions to manage that and finally after lots of trial and alterations we built a bike that allows me to ride with pain I can manage. So. Here we are. Fatbirdonabike. This is about my journey to mental health and fitness and hopefully a size 12!! 🙄

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